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E-mail marketing:

Tips for increasing engagement


Have you ever wondered what you need to do to get more open rates, more read times and more CTA button clicks from your customers when you run an email campaign? Here are some tips for e-mail marketing that can help you with your campaigns:

Build an adequate mailing list

Most companies buy mailing lists in order to send e-mails. This can sometimes be a good solution for some industries. However, a targeted mailing list built by you will generate much more engagement. A customer who receives an email from a company he has never heard of (or given his email address to) will probably not open the email.

To build your own mailing list, don’t hesitate to contact your customers physically to ask for their subscription to your mailing list or to encourage them via a form that you will put prominently on your website. The money spent contacting your customers to get their commitment can bring more than the money spent to buy a mailing list.

Segment your mailing list for better targeting

Not all your customers have the same expectations. Segmentation can be very useful when you want to further target your customers with relevant content. There are several segmentation criteria such as browsing behavior, age range and geography. According to Mailchimp data, segmented campaigns have a 23% higher open rate and 49% higher click-through rate compared to non-segmented campaigns. (source:

Pay attention to the subject of your email, which must deliver the message of the content

You are not alone. This sentence seems obvious, but we tend to ignore it. Your customers receive emails from your competitors almost every day. For them, you are just another company. That’s why it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd by using email marketing tips. You can start by taking care of the “subject line” of your e-mails.

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer who receives an email, he first checks who he is receiving it from and then looks at the subject line. If your customer doesn’t find your email relevant by looking at the “subject line”, your email may end up in the deleted folders. To avoid this, take care of the subject line of your email, which should deliver the message of its content.

Don't forget mobile phones and tablets

Did you know that as many people own a smartphone as a computer?

Tablets are also used more and more frequently. In this context, we strongly advise you to use a responsive design for your emails to achieve more engagement.

Put your energy and time into CTAs (Call to Action)

So far so good. Your email has reached the right person, it has been viewed and read. Now it’s time to convert it, that is, time for your customer to take action. Use a CTA button to activate your customer. The first criterion is the visibility of your CTA button, the customer must see it clearly in order to click on it.

If you have opted for an image CTA button, make sure the customer will see your CTA button even if they have disabled images with PNG, JPEG extensions etc. The text of your CTA should be clear and concise, preferably no more than 5 words (at least one word should contain a verb). Don’t forget to test your CTA button frequently and improve it.

With these tips for e-mail marketing, now, you have your targeted broadcast, you have built your email with an attractive subject line and a visible CTA button that calls your customer to action. The only question is when will you send your email? We’ll try to answer that question in the next post.

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