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Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing:

Why? How?


Once you are in the real estate industry, you should know that it is essential to have a presence and be active on social media. Among the social platforms, Pinterest can help you increase your search engine visibility and drive traffic to your website.  So how can Pinterest, which is usually focused on recipe ideas, fashion and home decor, help you in real estate marketing?


  1. Why should you use Pinterest for real estate marketing?
  2. How to use Pinterest for real estate marketing?
  3. How to set up your Pinterest page?
  4. What benefits does Pinterest offer you in real estate marketing?

1. Why should you use Pinterest for real estate marketing?

Pinterest is a platform where visuals are emphasized, so it has an undeniable use for real estate marketing. You can post beautiful images of the real estate you are marketing. For the same purpose, you can inform your customers about your business using visual graphics. You can also provide useful tips to your potential customers about the real estate market through attractive and eye-catching infographics.

Furthermore, the lifespan of your posts on Pinterest is longer than on other social platforms. (Check out our article: Marketing on Pinterest)

You should use Pinterest to attract more visitors to your website, promote the properties you rent or sell as well as increase your visibility on the internet.

2. How to use Pinterest for real estate marketing?

Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media. You search for a word and find images that relate to it. Therefore, Pinterest has its own pinning system, just like other search engines. Adopting a good pinning strategy will make your posts stand out.

Think of Pinterest as Google, it gives us the most relevant information about what we are looking for. Pinterest does the same thing with visuals.

Pinterest, just like other search engines, highlights accounts that regularly post quality content. In addition, you need to make sure you’re using the right keywords for your profile.

3. How to set up your Pinterest page?

1. Convert your account into a professional account. This way, you will get very rich statistics and have more detailed information about your followers.

2. Create your public profile. Next to your name or business name, you can add a keyword or two about where you work or what makes you special in the real estate industry. This will help you stand out in searches on Pinterest.

3. Make sure your biography is accurate. What is your specialty? Describe what sets you apart from your competitors in the real estate industry in 500 characters or less.

4. You can use your logo or a personal photo (if you work on your own) as your profile picture. For professional accounts, you can also add a cover image that must meet certain quality criteria. This image must be at least 800 pixels wide and 450 pixels high. It is recommended to use a horizontal image with a 16:9 format. The platform allows you to upload an image of up to 10 Mb.

5. Claim your website on Pinterest. This way, you can also see the traffic statistics of your blog posts via Pinterest.
To learn more about claiming your website, read this article: claim-your-website
If you use the Yoast plugin in WordPress, you can also perform the claim process via Yoast.

6. Update your website’s blog regularly.

7. Search for relevant keywords related to your business on Pinterest.

8. Build your boards on Pinterest. Try creating boards related to real estate, especially in the area you excel in.

9. Create your pins and use beautiful photos or graphics for each of your blog posts.

10. Create “idea pins”: for example, you can create ones on specific topics such as “5 things to consider when renting a store,” “10 tips for buying profitable real estate,” “What permits do you need to renovate your home?” You can share the information you want to give to your potential customers using up to 20 pages of images, videos and text. Pin ideas: you can create step-by-step real estate guides. Enrich your content with short videos. Idea Pins allow you to customize colors and fonts. With “idea pins” you can more easily reach your target audience and make potential customers feel confident about your real estate expertise.

4. What benefits does Pinterest offer you in real estate marketing?

The biggest benefit Pinterest can offer you in the real estate market is attracting potential customers to your site. By feeding your site’s blog frequently, you can improve your SEO. The lifespan of your posts will be quite long compared to other social media platforms.

On Pinterest, you can learn about your competitors in the real estate business, get inspiration from them and do benchmarking.

To get more visibility and followers on Pinterest, it is essential to publish relevant posts at regular frequencies. For this, you can use Buffer to schedule your pins. Check your site analytics frequently and think about what you need to improve.

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