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Happy Easter (Marketing)


Trees are blooming pink and white flowers, weather is getting better, sun rays are breaking through the clouds, spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere… Easter is approaching. We can take advantage of this beautiful time of the year, which appeals to both our eyes and our stomachs, to do easter marketing.

Evergreen marketing

The term “evergreen” is often used for popular and interesting events. Its French equivalent is “les marronniers”.

In the context of content marketing, “evergreen marketing” consists of producing content adapted to the important days and weeks of the year and organizing campaigns accordingly.

For example, you can build a landing page adapted to the vacations (or to significant periods such as the barbecue season in Belgium and Northern France). You can also write messages on social networks or carry out a well organized mailing campaign. These will allow you to promote your brand to new customers and retain existing ones.

"Ever fresh , ever green"

Your Benefits

  1. You get an SEO advantage because the most searched words in search engines and social media will always be linked to relevant content during evergreen time.
  2. Producing special content for Evergreen doesn’t take much effort (although it does require some creativity). This will save you time and resources.
  3. The number of visitors to your website and social media accounts can be increased. This will boost your visibility to potential new customers.
  4. If your products or services are directly related to the evergreen season, you can remarkably increase your sales by producing visually appealing content. You can also expand your customer base (even if your product/service is not related to Evergreens) by running special promotions during this time. It’s best to let your customers know the limited availability of this offer.
  5. You can amortize your costs over time by producing “evergreen” content.

Easter marketing

Easter, just like Christmas, is a time when people get into the spirit of the moment as the season changes. The sun is shining, schools are on vacation and delicious Easter eggs easily put consumers in the mood. You need to act fast to take advantage of Easter marketing and spring cleaning in your warehouses. As we pointed out at the beginning, evergreen marketing can bring a lot of benefits with minimal effort (but still with creativity).

And creativity comes from inspiration...

• Prepare a mailing campaign

For inspiration, you can consult these good addresses:

  1. Pinterest
  3. Stripo

Try to start your mailing campaign at the latest one week before the Easter weekend.

You can adapt your tagline to the Easter. Choose a concise phrase that evokes the Easter celebrations. However, avoid clichés in your slogan.

Although bunnies, eggs and chicks are traditional Easter illustrations, you can get a little creative and use new symbols that evoke spring in your e-mails.

If you don’t want to adapt any colors specific to your brand, use colors such as light shades of blue, green, yellow, light pink, or orange. Make sure the colors of the images you use are similar to the colors you will use on your website.

• Egg hunt on social networks

Know that you can organize challenges on social media (for example, on Instagram or X). Such efforts will help you gain more followers. Consider promoting your campaign with paid ads.

• Hurry up! It's the Easter sale !

Easter is the perfect time to introduce new products and services. You can use this time to launch your new offers. Don’t forget about promotions during this period. Consumers will want to take advantage of the discounts that are offered for a limited period of time. Inform your customers of these promotions in a first email and in first publications on social networks, without forgetting to remind them in a second time. Don’t forget to mention the duration of the offer.

• Nice little touches on your website

You can change your homepage to adapt to Easter marketing. For example, consider attaching Easter symbols to your header and footer. You can also create Easter-specific templates for these same parts of your homepage. These templates can also be used in future years. Again, you can play with the colors on your page by replacing them with Easter colors. An idea to change the colors of the “Call to Action buttons”, why not? (See: Color Marketing)

Finally, you can adapt your logo and add illustrations such as eggs and flowers.

If you want to create a clean landing page for your Easter campaign, inspiration is not far away:

  2. One Page Love
  3. Muzli

As a small or medium-sized business owner, there are many ways to promote your online store during busy business periods. It is essential to anticipate and launch campaigns and promotions a few weeks in advance.

I wish you a good egg hunt...

Happy Easter ! (Marketing)

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