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How to design your website for Halloween?


October 31st is coming up, and Halloween, a pagan holiday celebrated the day before All Saints’ Day, offers great opportunities for digital marketing. Whatever your business activity (tourism, food, fashion, decoration, etc.), if you have products or services to offer to your customers for this holiday, it’s time to put them forward. Especially for this holiday, which children and young people are looking forward to, you can present your promotions on your website and inform your customers with well prepared e-mails. So why and how to design your website for Halloween?

  • Why should you prepare your website for Halloween?
  • What are the benefits of preparing your website for Halloween?
  • How to design your website for Halloween?
  • What does a Halloween langing page contain?
  • 6 well-designed Halloween websites that can inspire you

Why should you prepare your website for Halloween?

Halloween is a great opportunity to market your products and services tailored to this night. Your website is your showcase in the digital world, so it is very useful to design it for Halloween.

Halloween is all about having fun. As a visually aesthetically pleasing holiday that allows people to enjoy the fall season, the changes you make to your website will impact your potential customers. Therefore, small touches to your website and social media will not only increase your sales, but also get you recognized by new audiences.

What are the benefits of preparing your website for Halloween?

Halloween is one of the most popular and interesting pagan holidays for consumers (for more information on evergreen marketing, read our article: “Happy Easter (marketing)“). These times allow you to make sales through your creativity without putting in too much effort.

You can use the images and slogans you have prepared for holidays like Halloween, with slight modifications in subsequent years. This saves you time and money. If you can get creative and come up with catchy images or slogans, you will increase your brand awareness and value to consumers.

Making content for Halloween will benefit your website in terms of SEO. You can attract more people to your site with the right keywords you use.

Don’t forget to tag the images you use one by one with your keywords and the name of your site, thus increasing your chances of standing out in search engines.

How to design your website for Halloween?

You can start preparing your website in late September or early October. Start by changing the colors of your site. On your home page, you can add small images that focus on fall and Halloween. Similarly, you can make small additions to your logo.

The goal is to prepare a landing page that you can also use in subsequent years with minor modifications. You can designate this page as your homepage or place a button on your existing homepage that directs your visitors to the Halloween-specific page. On this page, you can showcase the services and products you want.

What does a Halloween langing page contain?

We would say that it depends entirely on your creativity. You can adapt your slogan to Halloween.

Use fonts that are specific to Halloween and compatible with your content.

Give your visitors short useful information and recipes about Halloween, related to your products. Make small quizzes to entertain your visitors. You can also prepare downloadable games and coloring pages for children.

All this can be done easily without spending much time or money. This can play a positive role in your interaction with your current and potential customers.

6 sites Web bien conçus pour Halloween qui peuvent vous inspirer:

You can find inspiration to design your website for Halloween by searching the term on Behance and Pinterest. Also, these 6 pages prepared for Halloween 2022 are worth checking out:

1. Adventure Valley

An excellent web page in which not only the visuals but also the fonts used are eye-catching. The dates of the events and the address are clearly indicated. Special Halloween events are briefly summarized. The color orange is favored for the call-to-action buttons for ticket sales. Frequently asked questions and answers are added at the end of the page. Thus, the site invites to an event that arouses curiosity and enthusiasm not only in children but also in adults.

2. Haribo

Harribo’s Halloween 2022 page features special Halloween products. Promotional items for Halloween are also highlighted.  Orange and red colors are chosen for the call-to-action buttons. Website visitors are offered an opportunity not available in-store: the chance to create their own special Halloween-themed candy boxes. There is also a discount for purchases made before October 31.

The page also features Halloween recipes and step-by-step decorating tips. Under each of the blog posts in this DIY (« Do it yourself »)  category, there are also products waiting to be added to the cart.

3. Walibi

Walibi’s 2022 Halloween page is beautiful with spooky visuals and events. Event packages are categorized by how scary they are for attendees. Ticket and membership prices are detailed with charts.  The color red is chosen for the call-to-action buttons.

The site is designed to be appealing to all, adults and children. It arouses curiosity and the desire to participate in activities.

4. Kinder

Kinder’s Halloween 2022 page is designed in a simplistic way with small Halloween illustrations. An animated call to action button directs visitors to the printable coloring and folding pages for kids. An orange call to action button is used.

The page also directs visitors to the brand’s YouTube channel, which features Halloween-themed videos.

5. Søstrene Grene

Keeping in mind the style and interests of their customers, Søstrene Grene has designed an informative and aesthetically pleasing page for Halloween 2022 in the dominant colors of fall. The recipes and crafts on the page highlight the products to be purchased to make them. The page features content that is more geared towards adults than youth. It also contains short texts on what Halloween is and why we celebrate it.

The page is very compact and catchy.


Asda’s Halloween 2022 page is rich in color; it is divided into different categories such as costumes for children and adults, food, accessories, decoration materials and party items. You can access the products by clicking on the desired category from the frames hanging on the purple wall. At the bottom of the page, you can find recipes with spooky visuals. When you click on the image, a box appears with the recipe, ingredients and nutritional values of the food.

This design is very pleasant to navigate and practical for visitors.


Happy Halloween!

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